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Founded by two engineers in 1983, PROTECTIC is an independent consultancy, operating on a human scale, with specialist skills in engineering.

Its head office is in Bièvres, just to the west of Paris, near the air base of Villacoublay.

  • PROTECTIC operates internationally, with a mainly European focus, in various industrial fields (aeronautics, aerospace, transport, and energy), in telecommunications, in finance and in other related areas.
  • PROTECTIC has always given priority to accessibility and maintaining regular, close contacts with both clients and consultants alike.
  • The key to PROTECTIC’s success and distinctive identity, though, is its recruitment policy, the cornerstone of its stability and technical capital.
  • PROTECTIC sets great store by the huge potential of its staff, paying tremendous attention to the personality and human qualities of its employees.
  • PROTECTIC positions itself as a partner attentive to its clients’ needs, perfectly acquainted with their sector and its expectations, and applying its expertise to make a success of their medium and long-term projects.

To give greater visibility to the development of its consultancy operations in the field of energy and radiation safety launched in 2008, Protectic has created a new company entirely dedicated to Consultancy in RS/EHS.

This new corporate entity, Sequale, was formed in 2011.

Our fields

Protectic operates in a world of complex systems and fields subject to the strictest requirements in terms of quality, performance and reliability (including aeronautics, transport and energy).
Our consultants soon acquire numerous operational skills that enhance their technical expertise.

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Our expertise

Protectic’s expertise enables it to support its partners as they negotiate complex systems stage by stage, seeking solutions in terms of everyday needs, system architecture, development, and qualifications.
These systems are often designed to have a long service life and call for the application of processes of evolutionary maintenance and the management of the successive versions of a particular model.

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Our specializations

With an impressive technical training behind them, our consultants progressively enlarge their specialized culture to each stage of progress in the projects in which Protectic takes part (whether it be in system architecture, ergonomics, electronic design, software development, automatic tests and quality monitoring).

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