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Ergonomics and human factors

Ergonomics and human factors

Our operational areas in terms of Ergonomics and Human Factors are as follows:

  • Cognitive ergonomics and Organizational & Human Factors (OHF)
    • Analysis of how work is organized and anticipation of risks linked to OHF
    • Study of the cognitive processes and human reliability
    • Definition of Plans for the Integration of Human Factors (PIHFs) into projects
    • Ergonomic design of control systems (computerized systems and the adaptation of control rooms)
  • Ergonomics and system usability / HCI
    • Analysis of situations involving the use of HCI
    • Evaluation of the ergonomics of interfaces, of applications and of supervision systems (heuristic analysis according to the ergonomic criteria applied to HCI)
    • Design of user interfaces (with prototypes and models) - Perfecting and conducting of user tests to validate a product
    • Drafting of HCI specifications
  • Ergonomics and the prevention of occupational risks
    • Reduction of occupational health risks and improvement of working conditions
    • Evaluation of occupational risks and the French “Single Safety Document”
    • Prevention of Psycho-Social Hazards and Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  • Ergonomics in the workplace
    • Studies of the physical working environment: noise, light, etc.
    • Adaptation and future design of work stations and the workplace
  • Ergonomics and staying in employment
    • Accessibility and adaptation of premises and work stations (supervision, operation and control rooms; tertiary workplaces; etc.)
    • Returns to employment

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