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Our commitments


With regard to both its clients and its consultants, Protectic enjoys a fruitful relationship based on long-term trust.

Protectic’s image is associated with a requirement for quality and responsiveness that the company makes it a point of honour to comply with in every circumstance.

The loyalty of our long-standing clients and our low staff turnover speak volumes in this respect.

The integration of young engineers is perfectly regulated via a process of training, acquisition of skills and transfer of responsibilities within our project teams.

Protectic’s technical potential is fully realized due to the diligent management of the skills of its teams, which thus gain access progressively to the responsibilities of management and expertise.

Through the involvement of each team member and their collective expertise, Protectic works closely with its consultants throughout their career.

Our commitments to our Clients

We make a commitment to our clients only to select those projects linked to our areas of expertise so as to ensure the lasting nature of our partnership.

The stability of our structure enables us to set up a dedicated interface for each client with long-term goals, thus personalizing the relationship with the client.

For some years now Protectic has been operating an agile, flexible organizational structure that favours responsiveness and the complementarity of its teams when responding to calls to tender.

Even though we designate a main contact person for each client, our commercial portfolios and systems of recruitment are never of an exclusive nature. The company’s entire resources can be mobilized for each client and for each consultant.

Protectic’s commercial teams and recruitment systems thus maintain a strong capacity for rapid mobilization and responsiveness so as to respond effectively to our clients’ needs.

This optimization of the Protectic management system and synergy of resources have enabled us to gain new clients in sectors such as computer-assisted ticketing, transport, finance and telecommunications.

Our commitments to our Employees

Protectic’s consultants benefit from regular attention and assistance for the orientation of their professional careers, through their choice of missions, and the technical or managerial training they receive.

This dynamic management of their career progression leads to rapid access to major managerial responsibilities. Supported by its motivated and effective teams, Protectic responds effectively to the expectations of its clients, providing advice and assistance for the conduct and success of their projects.

PROTECTIC’s commitment to gender equality

As a part of its commitment to gender equality, PROTECTIC designed its HR policies (recruitment, wage policy) with egalitarian criteria exclusively based on the level of proficiency and commitment of its employees. .

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